April 27, 2021

Fellow Parishioners:
Because it is just over a month since I last wrote, I wanted to update all of you on the status of the Strategic Planning process.   As I noted in my last message, we had excellent participation in the Focus Group process which was very rich both in terms of sheer participation by parishioners and the wide-ranging, constructive input.  Following the conclusion of that phase of the process, the Planning Team has held a few meetings to develop materials to be shared with the Vestry.

Originally, I had envisioned that Planning Team representatives would review findings, themes, and vision with Vestry at the April 20 meeting.  Based on the depth and breadth of ideas and information collected, it became clear that my proposed schedule was too aggressive.   There was simply no way to have a meaningful session with the Vestry at the regularly scheduled meeting.  To get this important step right, the overwhelming sense and direction to me from the Planning Team was to hold a specific, dedicated session with the clergy, officers, and Vestry.  To that end, we are currently scheduling such a meeting for some time in the next two weeks.

I want to be very clear that this process is going extremely well.  Our consultant, John Wimberly, was initially excited by the level of participation.  He has subsequently been impressed by all of you - the Focus Group feedback has clearly demonstrated that we are all passionate about our Saint David's family.  If anything, there is so much feedback the Planning Team wants to be sure that they have developed materials that accurately capture your input.  It is far better to get to well-conceived conclusions in a longer time frame versus speeding the process simply to meet a "schedule."

Following the joint Planning Team/Vestry session, there will be plenty of work to do to flesh out a full strategic plan with goals, action items, and metrics.  You can expect the Planning Team and Vestry to leverage specific skills and talents that we are blessed to have within our parish community.  I will be sure to keep you all apprised of this process as it continues to unfold.  And, please rest assured that the final Strategic Plan will be made available to the congregation for review and comment before its final approval by the Vestry.

We have much to be thankful for and much to be excited about.  Please keep in touch with any ideas, questions or comments as we continue on this exciting journey.

Many thanks,
Stuart A. Smith III
Senior Warden

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